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No Work But Can Still Benefit From Income Protection Insurance

Posted by mercurywealthmgt mercurywealthmgt on Tuesday, October 23, 2012,
To be out of work is tough these days. Expenses and other house necessities need to be paid but there is no salary to pay for it. Income protection insurance can offer the insurance policy holder that has been unemployed due to illness or accident with whether weekly or monthly set amount of money. This is also acknowledged as salary continuance coverage. The policyholder can receive up to 75% of the annual earnings. This is usually provided after 30 days of being out of job. The customer wil...
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Income Protection Insurance - Being Familiar with Its Capability

Posted by mercurywealthmgt mercurywealthmgt on Monday, October 1, 2012,
Thinking ahead for your future is been a positive thing to do. It is simple to achieve what you want if you're well-prepared. When you are a working individual, it is necessary to know how to secure your wages. For this, you would think of getting an income protection insurance plan. The purpose of this plan of action is to provide individuals with a stable compensation when time comes they can’t work. There are some inevitable instances that everybody could experience even though they will...
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